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Creative. Connector. Coach. Chef. Photographer. Author. Mompreneur. Philanthropist. Yogini.

The journey of Alleah Erica unfolds in the very brands and collaborations she creates.

Alleah Erica lives passionately, connectively, and energetically through each of the offerings. Whether it’s cooking up an [w]holistic meal, providing a coaching session, capturing a moment and freezing time, you can find her creative synergistically intertwined in the lives impacted and influenced by her brands. Each one deriving from an immense love, an intention-rich purpose, and an incredible drive to motivate positive changes in the myriad of journeys that she is fortunate enough to encounter.


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As a Gestation Coach, speaking on ways to improve the gestational experience truly excites me to continue to reach more people and impact more gestational bodies.

Check out the Episode 58 of Birth Words here. 

Communication is key. However, most think verbal is the most important. When developing the foundation of a strong and supportive birthing space, communication on all levels must be practiced as much as verbal exchanges throughout the gestational period. The deeper connections we have with our partners are built with building blocks of both non-verbal, verbal, emotional, mental, and physical languages.

As a Gestation Coach, most of the work I do is helping Expectants and Partners to develop social, physical, emotional, mental, and communication muscles that aid them in fostering healthy, safe, and supportive environments and practices that thrive before, during and beyond the birth experience.

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